apr 272020

The air filter, special version for the FHC, was available in the pile of parts belonging to the car. The brackets needed to mount it to the water outlet and to the air inlet where not available and made by myself. I also reshaped the right part of the air filter by removing the lid because it was badly damaged in the past. By removing the lid it could be straighten from the inside which was much easier.

All parts needed for mounting the air filter
The air filter mounted on the carburetors

The air filter will be protected from water and dirt by splash screen.
This splash screen consist of two parts :
– one before the front wheel (protecting the ignition)
– one after the front wheel (protecting the air filter)

Parts needed for the splash screens
Splash screens mounted before the air filter and ignition

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apr 272020

The protect the body of the car Jaguar designed a mud shield which was mounted just behind the battery box to prevent water and dirt entering the car via this way.

Area behind the right mud shield
Area behind the left mud shield
Area on the right side has been closed with the mud shield
Area on the left side has been closed with the mud shield
Parts need for mounting the Left and right side mud shields behind the battery boxes

The space between the inner front wing and the mud shield is sealed of with a rubber strip. On the photo above the mounting mechanism for the rubber strip can been seen on both sides of the mud shield

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