jan 262010

For the restoration of a classic car you need a lot of room. My garage only measures 6,5m by 3,05m, which is far to small. So a lot of separate parts are moved to the attic to make more room in the garage. Because only the chassis and body alone take a lot of space, I have been looking for a tools which make it easier to move them around.

On the internet I found the so called “Auto Body Rotator”. I Bought 5 lengths of square steel pipes and 8 swivel wheels, and after two day of hard work it was fished.

My home made Car

My home made auto body rotater

Now I was able to move the chassis including the body in and out of my garage to reverse it or make temporary more room. It also helps to work on the underside of the body or chassis, because the whole car can be turned and fixed at every 30 degrees. On the following two picture you can see the turner in action:


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jan 272016

The engine support was a great tool during the disassembling and assembling process of the engine block. The four black arms can be mounted on the same hole used for mounting the bell housing the the engine block


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mei 132012

The bearings from the two rear shafts are not easy to remove. To finish this job I needed a hydraulic press, because these tools are not very cheap, especially  when you need them only once, I decided to make one myself. On a Saturday I wend to the old iron scrap yard and arranged some old heavy iron. From the design I made upfront I already had a rough idea what i needed.


The hydraulic press design, made in google sketchup

After a number of hours hard work It was finished. Together with the 12 tons hydraulic jack it should do the job.


The real hydraulic press

After placing the two rear shafts into the freezer and heating the race bearing with a plumber burner and about 8 ton of pressure the race bearings came loose, job completed!!

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feb 192013

Because it is almost impossible to keep track of all different parts by head, I developed a software application. This application can keep track all parts(currently 7341 separate pieces), needed to rebuild the Jaguar XK140 FHC. All these parts are taken from the “Jaguar Spare Parts Catalogue”.
For each individual part I store the following specific information:

  • Group (The car is divided into 15 groups)
  • Part (Each group is divided in several parts, for the whole car 139)
  • Item (Specific components, for the whole car 2565)
  • Number (Number as used by the jaguar part manuals)
  • Reference (Identification to a specific location on a picture)
  • Remark (Room for temporary or permanent notes)
  • Picture (Exploded view of a part, which shows all items available in this part)
  • Count (How many items of this type are in this part)
  • State (State of this item; Missing, Have, Cleaned, Finished, Mounted)
  • Material (Basis material of the item; Rubber, Bearing, Painted steel,  Washer, Nut, Bolt, Pin, Chrome, Fabric, Glass, Other, Gasket, Clip, Wiring electrics and Screw)
  • Price (Value for a specific item)
  • Weight factor (Small parts receive 1 and bigger parts for example 50, used for progress calculation)


A lot of parts can be found on one of the 36 available exploded views.


Exploded view of the rack and pinion housing

With the help of the filter, sort and report functionality it is very easy to;

  • Select parts based on (Group, Part, Item, Number, Count, Reference or Remark)
  • Sort all selected parts on  (Group, Part, Item, Number, Count, Reference or Remark)
  • Reduce all Selected parts based on (State or Material)
  • Write the selected parts to a report file

In the report file there is also a overview of the current progress , an example is shown in the table below.

Painted Steel97923897189513
Glass 10013115
Wiring Electrics2814019162

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jan 012010

XK150 01-General Information
XK150 02-Engine
XK150 03-Fuel
XK150 04-Cooling
XK150 05-Exhaust
XK150 06-Clutch
XK150 07-Gearbox
XK150 08-Front Suspension
XK150 09-Steering
XK150 10-Rear Axle
XK150 11-Brakes
XK150 12-Chassis
XK150 13-Electrical
XK150 14-Tool Kit
XK150 15-Optional Extras


XK150 01-General Information Body
XK150 02-Body Panels-OTS
XK150 03-Body Fittings-OTS
XK150 04-body panels-FHC
XK150 05-Body Fittings-FHC
XK150 06-Body panels-DHC
XK150 07-Body Fittings-DHC

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