apr 272020

The air filter, special version for the FHC, was available in the pile of parts belonging to the car. The brackets needed to mount it to the water outlet and to the air inlet where not available and made by myself. I also reshaped the right part of the air filter by removing the lid because it was badly damaged in the past. By removing the lid it could be straighten from the inside which was much easier.

All parts needed for mounting the air filter
The air filter mounted on the carburetors

The air filter will be protected from water and dirt by splash screen.
This splash screen consist of two parts :
– one before the front wheel (protecting the ignition)
– one after the front wheel (protecting the air filter)

Parts needed for the splash screens
Splash screens mounted before the air filter and ignition

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mrt 282016

The carburettor mounted on the engine when I bought the car was not fully complete.
It was missing the;

  • Starter solenoid (The most left part on the front carburettor)
  • The piston inside the suction chamber on the front carburettor
  • The fuel adjustment screw and and end cap on the rear carburettor
  • Also the end on the front carburettor as well as the botton half of jet bearing. The previous owner has tried to fix it with a small piece of wire.
  • The fuel line from supply to both carburettors.


Original front and rear carburettor

Some missing parts are bought via ebay, and via a jaguar garage in Helmond.
Together with two sets of service kits for a H6 carburettor (CSK24), I completed the set of parts needed to assemble both carburettors. All aluminium and messing parts are bead blasted to give them the original satin surface finish. The aluminium suction chambers are polished to give them the original glossy appearance.


All parts needed to rebuild front and rear carburettors

After all parts are assembled they look like new ones, just left the factory.


Both carburettors rebuild

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jan 102016

Because the engine (cylinder head is not yet mounted) and gearbox are now finished they can be bolted together and mounted onto the chassis.


Parts needed to mount engine to gearbox and to the chasis

Without the front wings mounted it was very easy to place the engine, with the help of the engine lifter, back onto the chassis. The bell housing and gearbox, not clearly visible on the photo, is already mounted onto the engine.


Motor, bell housing and gearbox mounted onto the chassis


Right side motor mounting


Left side motor mounting

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jan 102016

In the previous chapter “Clutch unit”, the parts needed to rebuild the flywheel are also shown.


Flywheel parts together with clutch unit parts

Below the flywheel mounted on the crankshaft. The spigot bush was still in good condition, so no need to replace (located in the center of the crankshaft).


Flywheel mounted with ten bolts and lock with a locking plate 


Flywheel and clutch unit together mounted on the crankshaft

Torque used to tighten the ten flywheel bolts is 67 ft/lb or 91 N/m.

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dec 302015


The above photo shows the engine in an abandoned part of someone’s yard, somewhere in the states. In this picture the oil cleaner is clearly visible.


Early and later type oil cleaners housing

In the pile with parts, which came together with the car, two types of oil cleaners where present.

  • One with the bolt from the top
    This type is called “Early XK140 type” and was painted completely (housing and canister) brown (some sort of metallic paint was used).
  • One with the bolt from the bottom
    This type is called “Later XK140 type and there only the canister was painted brown (solid)
    Also the id tag, normally placed on the front or side, is not available on this one.
    Because my car comes originally from 1956 I will choose the “Later” type.


Parts to rebuild the oil cleaner

The small oil union, mounted on top of the cleaner housing, was the last part that was needed to complete the rebuild of the oil cleaner. (found this part via ebay UK)

The oil canister has been painted with solid acrylic paint (RAL 8011). This color comes closest to the original sample.


Rebuild oil cleaner mounted to the fresh XK140 engine

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