aug 012010

When I received the car I already noticed the damage on the lower rear panel. I looked like some kind of parking damage maybe 40 years ago. The metal hidden behind several layer of paint and tick layers ot putty was completely crumpled and beyond repair.
This is a very difficult part to make by your one because it is curved in two directions. This is only possible with a the help of a English wheel, which is not available in a do it your self workshop.
After a small search on the internet I found a guy in Madeira who could deliver this part for only €165 (including shipping costs)
The URL of this company is


After the new panel was remounted the overlapping areas on both sides should be filled with lead. I don’t want to use putty because originally they used lead as well. Lead soldering looks easy but it is much more difficult as it looks. The advantage is that the lead can be reused time after time. So with a lot of patient I succeeded at the end. With just a thin layer of zinc spray everything looks like new again.


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