jun 122016

The original exhaust which came with the car was completely rusted away and should be replaced. Originally the car was equipped with a single exhaust but I think a dual exhaust looks much better. With respect to originality this should’t be problem because it is a replacement part. (A single exhaust can be mounted in the future is needed)

The new dual exhaust from Bell (BSS-JR-003, XK140/XK150 LHD manual) consists of:

  • BSJR37 Front pipe left
  • BSJR38 Front pipe right
  • BSJR39 Silencer left
  • BSJR40 Silencer right
  • BSJR43P Tail Pipe left
  • BSJR44P Tail Pipe right

Nuts, Bolts and Clamps

The clamps, needed to fasten the exhaust pipes to each other have different diameters, 58mm for the front side of the silencer and 48 for the rear side.


Dual exhaust mounted onto the manifold 

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