jul 072009

My first sheet metal job was the shutface pillar. This area, which is normal for these type of cars was not very good anymore. I started with removing all damaged material and removing all old paint and dirt remaining’s. All sub parts for the Shutface Pillar, at least 10 for each side, are spot welded together before welded to the car. All areas where the light never shines are painted with zinc spray to prevent rusting.

ShutfacePilarLeftBeforeShutfacePilarLeftRemovedShutfacePilarLeftAfterShutface Pilar Left

ShutfacePilarRightBeforeInsideShutfacePilarRightRemovedInsideShutfacePilarRightAfterInsideInside Shutface Pilar Right

ShutfacePilarRightBeforeOutsideShutfacePilarRightRemovedOutsideShutfacePilarRightAfterOutsideOutside Shutface Pilar Right
As seen on the above photos my first sheet metal job was very successful.

Always keep the body bolted on to the chassis during welding jobs to prevent the body will warp or twist

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