jan 262010

For the restoration of a classic car you need a lot of room. My garage only measures 6,5m by 3,05m, which is far to small. So a lot of separate parts are moved to the attic to make more room in the garage. Because only the chassis and body alone take a lot of space, I have been looking for a tools which make it easier to move them around.

On the internet I found the so called “Auto Body Rotator”. I Bought 5 lengths of square steel pipes and 8 swivel wheels, and after two day of hard work it was fished.

My home made Car

My home made auto body rotater

Now I was able to move the chassis including the body in and out of my garage to reverse it or make temporary more room. It also helps to work on the underside of the body or chassis, because the whole car can be turned and fixed at every 30 degrees. On the following two picture you can see the turner in action:


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