aug 302017

When I bought the car 8 years ago the body was already removed from the chassis. Today they will be reunited again. The chassis was already ready and the body has been finished on the underside in the past few weeks.

Parts needed to mount the body onto the chassis

The previous owner has kept a good administration of where all the distance pieces originally belong.
It is very important that they will be placed back on the exact same place.

This car has 18 places where the body will be mounted unto the chassis;

  • 4 on the Front Wing Support (2 on each side)
  • 4 on the fixed floor (short bolts, with square aluminium distance pieces)
  • 4 on the door sill (medium bolts, with round distance pieces)
  • 2 nearby rear chock absorber (pointed bolts, with round distance pieces)
  • 4 on the rear end of the body (large bolts, with round distance pieces)


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  4 Responses to “Body Mounting”

  1. where can i buy the correct body mounts 57 140 drop head

  2. where can i get the body mounts

  3. SNG Barrat sells those spacer separately, but you can also buy complete packages;
    search for “4701K Chassis Ally Shims & Fibre Washers Kit For Body Mounting”

  4. You can also look in the spare parts catalog (xk140) part 12 (page220) There is a complete list of all parts needed to mount to body onto the chassis. If you search the internet with the Jaguar part number you will definitely find a lot of parts.

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