mei 152018

In the last months I have been busy with removing all old layers of paint from the bonnet and front wings. So it is now time to give the bonnet a new fresh layer of paint. In order to ensure that the adhesion of the paint to the aluminum is good, an epoxy primer must first be applied. Secondly a fresh layer of pearl grey paint will be applied.

Parts need for mounting the bonnet

Bonnet painted with epoxy primer on the inside


Now that all individual parts are finished the Bonnet can be mounted onto the body. Next step is the adjustment of the bonnet onto the front wings and body. If these adjustments are all OK the small piece of metal, located between both front wings, can be welled into his place. This will be the last part of the bodywork for the front side of the car.

Bonnet hings mounted between body and bonnet

Bonnet painted on the inside

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