nov 042018

The original windscreen motor

After inspecting the wiper motor, located inside the left front wing, came to the following conclusion:

  • The paint of the main housing is still in decent condition and therefor I decided to do a simple touch-up.
  • The mounting bracket and motor brushes are replaced by new ones.
  • I decided to keep the Lucas tag original.
  • All wiring needs to be replaced by new silicone rubber type wiring.
    (The isolation material on the internal wiring was completely gone!)
  • All other parts just need to be cleaned thoroughly
    (Especially the outside and the inside of gears housing)

All parts needed to rebuild the windscreen motor

As seen on the last photo two windscreen wipers can be connected and will be set in motion by the gears, located behind  polished  lid. The cable in the parts overview will be pushed and pulled back and forth to get the wiper arms in movement. This engine has 5 electrical connections as shown in the schematic below

Windscreen wiper motor detail

Windscreen wiper motor complete setup

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